All About Pearls

Japanese Akoya Pearls

Japanese Akoya Pearls are cultured saltwater pearls that come primarily from Japan and China. Size ranges from 2mm to 10mm. Common Akoya colors are white, yellow, pink and cream. These color tones are found on the outer edge of the pearl.

Freshwater Pearls

Natural freshwater pearls occur in mussels for the same reason that saltwater pearls occur in oysters. Foreign material, usually a sharp object or parasite enters the mussel and cannot be expelled, starting the creation process.

South Sea White And Gold Pearls

South Sea White And Gold Pearls dominate the pearl world in quality and size. Usual South Sea Pearl sizes are between 10mm and 15mm. However, rare sizes of 15mm to 20mm have been sold. South Sea Pearls can be found displaying almost every color of the rainbow.

South Sea Black Pearls

Black Tahitian Pearls are extremely rare as only 1 out of about 10,000 oysters contains one. These cultured and certified Black Tahitian pearls range in size from about 8mm to 17 mm in diameter - the size of the largest Black Tahitian Pearl ever found was a staggering 25mm!