Ring Sizing

At Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry, we aim to make your whole experience a pleasant one. Before placing an order for any of our rings, it’s important to choose the right ring size.

Note: When you getting you finger sized, please make sure that when you remove the finger sizer off your the finger it requires some firm twisting. 99% of our rings are comfort-fit and they feel better than those clunky steel sizers. There must be some firm resistance otherwise your ring may end up being too large. Most customers who order the wrong size end up ordering a ring that is TOO LARGE. To stop this from happening to you, please simply error on the side of the tighter (smaller) size. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

About Comfort Fit Rings

Many of the rings we offer are comfort fit on the inside of the ring. This means there is a slight roundness on the inside of the ring allowing the center part to fit closer to the finger than the outer edges. A comfort fit ring will fit looser on the finger because it is not flat on the inside but rather rounded. Therefore when you are getting sized please use a narrower finger sizer, which is typically around 2-3 mm wide, (as opposed to the more wide ones that are 6.5 mm.) Since the Comfort Fit size is based on the center of the ring.

*Helpful tip: Again, when ordering a comfort-fit band, choose a size that feels a bit snug. This should end up fitting just right. We get many rings back for size exchanges. Once again, erroring on the tighter size will likely save you time and money.

Sizing for Cobalt, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide

Because titanium, tungsten and cobalt are some of the strongest and hardest elements, you can rest assured that your new titanium, tungsten or cobalt ring purchase will continue to provide you comfort and enjoyment for your entire lifetime. Due to their strength and endurance, they are more difficult to re-size, if not impossible. If you should ever need your ring resized, we can advise the best options. Please feel free to contact us. We have great people that are very knowledgable and happy to help. Simply call during business hours toll free @ 877-917-8477 or email us any time.

When Your ring Arrives

When your ring from Gold & Gems arrives, it’s best to give it a “test” fit. Also make sure to file your invoice in a place safe. If there is a problem, feel free to contact us.

Many of the Designers have Warranty Programs that cover long term guarantees for ring size. Gold & Gems will support those warranties, and in many cases will extend, free of cost, any limitations. These will vary by designer and details.