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I want to first thank and praise the gold and gems staff. Very professional, but never 'snooty'. This is rare as I tried to decide b/w big chains and other local jewelers, I'm 100%+ happy I went with GG. They made me a unique custom ring for less than I had budgeted and it turned out better than I imagined. Wow. You can get high quality rings for less than at the 'whale stores'. Thanks GG. I'll be returning.

Joe D.


We just received our artcarved sovereign wedding band and we absolutely love it. We ordered online and when we called with questions, Ron was very nice and answered all our questions. Thanks again! Would definitely shop here again.

Angela H.


This praise is a year overdue, but more than deserved. Ron at G&G is fantastic!

My wife of 8 months fell in LOVE with a wedding ring at a small shop here in Washington state. After visits to the shop and many phone calls, the price kept going up after each conversation. After many excuses and price increases I decided I would NEVER buy here.

I hunted for the ring online and came across G&G. I called and spoke to Ron, who was extremely helpfull.He did some research and called me back when he said he would. He found the same ring she wanted for substantialy less money, NO TAX and free shipping cause i'm in WA!

He never over promised and was always up front with all costs. I mailed him my diamond and they set it for me. I receieved the ring when promised and it was amazing and my wife loves it.

In all my ring shopping I never met anyone that seems to have as much integrity and was as helpful as Ron. Any concerns I had he addressed and went beyond my expectations. I have told MANY people about Ron and how impressed I was with him.

I have no intentions of buying jewelry anywhere else. G&G will always be my first choice. I am truly amazed by the customer service.

Thanks Ron!


Dear Ron,

I must admit that when it was first suggested to me that I purchase an engagement ring online, I was a little apprehensive. I imagined unprofessional service, untimely responses, poor quality merchandise and a host of nightmare situations where I might get ripped-off. Doing business with you was not just a relief; it was an epiphany - I will NEVER use a commercial jewelry store or shopping mall for any of my jewelry purchases. I will always use you.

First, correspondence with you was instantaneous. I counted fifty-five e-mails back and forth between you and me. You answered some of those e-mails during the early hours of the morning (midnight, 2am on some of them). Your responses all came within one hour of my questions, and you were ALWAYS professional, courteous and knowledgeable. You gave me the confidence to make my purchase without needing to shop around. I provided you with the criteria for the diamond engagement ring I was going to purchase, and you gave me the best possible price. I know, because I did my research extensively.

Not only did you deliver the ring, but you educated me on the grading criteria for diamonds – Many things I already knew, but some of the things I never considered: IGA vs. EGL vs. AGS, fluorescence and what that meant, how the cut, color, polish and proportions affect price and where I should invest my money wisely. We designed and built the perfect ring, and then you delivered. After you established my trust, I sent my money directly to you. You kept me apprised of when you received the funds, when you purchased and received my diamond, when you had the ring made and when you set the diamond into it. You even took photos during the process for me, which you sent via my phone to keep me apprised. Finally, you sent the ring via next-day UPS when it was done at no additional cost and I received the ring promptly when I expected.

Seeing the final product was nothing short of breathtaking, which was the same reaction my fiancé had when she saw the finished ring – it was nothing short of amazing! I never expected to get “so much ring” at such a low cost. Of course, before I gave the ring to Inga, I ran it by a trusted jewelry store to get an objective appraisal – I never, of course, told them how much I had paid for it. They appraised the ring at over twice what I paid for it, just as you said it would. I would never have been able to afford this ring at the mall or a jewelry store. Your work was astounding.

Ron, I want to thank you for being such an awesome person and jeweler. I will surely come to you for the next jewelry purchase I make. If someone does not believe this letter, please feel free to pass along my e-mail and phone number so they can contact me to confirm it. I have been a law enforcement officer for over 17 years, and in my experience it is rare to come across someone with such high ethical standards, morality and professionalism while also trying to run a sales business. More businesses should do things like you do. I consider you my friend and personal jeweler.

Thank you for all your help, attention to detail and professionalism. I look forward to my next purchase.

Glen Carpenter


Hi Ron,

I’ve been meaning to contact you. My ring is absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we wanted! Everyone is RAVING over it. Thank you for the great customer service and for being tops in the Rogue Valley. Simon G is wonderful.

Take care,

Glory & Scott


Gold and Gems is, by far, the best in the jewelry business! I had researched a white gold men's wedding band for my fiance, and I found exactly the one I wanted on the G&G website - for about half the price of other jewelry stores. I ordered the ring, along with engraving, and it was absolutely beautiful.

When my fiance tried on the band, we both realized I'd ordered the ring a half-size too big! I called Ron Hansen to see if it would be possible to have it resized, and to have the engraving redone, and he assured me that it was not a problem - I shipped the ring back, and in about a week's time, my order was corrected and shipped back. I'm awaiting its arrival now - and I know the ring will be perfect!

Thank you, Ron and Jennifer, for outstanding customer service! I live in Georgia, but I won't buy my jewelry from ANYONE else ANYMORE. G&G has earned my patronage for any jewelry items I ever want to purchase from here on out!



Hi Ron,

My husband’s ArtCarved ring arrived today via UPS second day and everything is perfect! It fits perfect…the timing was perfect and the customer service exceptional. I can’t wait to get home today and see it on his finger.

Thank you again for all of your help and making sure that the ring arrived before our cruise on Saturday.



"Hello Ron,
I just wanted you to know that I received my ring on Tuesday and it fits perfectly (despite being a ladies size) and it's exactly what I wanted!!! I appreciate your taking the time to speak to me and while I understand that it wasn't the greatest deal for you I sure feel like I got a great buy. You are clearly an excellent and honest merchant and I will certainly do business with you again!!! Many thanks!!!!"



"Ron, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did to get the wedding band for me. I can't believe that I spoke with you about it yesterday and it arrived to Manhattan this morning. I know that you deal with people who are spending a large amount of money, and the band I needed wasn't expensive, yet I feel that you delivered and took care of me like I was a top customer. I haven't been able to find service like what you provide from anyone. Amazing! Your prices are great too. I will strongly suggest Gold and Gems to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much!!!"

Tiffany T.


These Guys Are Great!
I came across an Artcarved ring that I knew my future husband would love. We saw it in person, and knew it was just perfect. I did a quick search online and found Gold and Gems, and am sure glad that I did! The quality of customer service that I received was astounding. This is a business that is run as a business should be. I received my order quickly and perfectly. I will definitely purchase from Gold and Gems in the future! I have no problems supporting a business that performs as every business should.

Patricia Marcine


Gold And Gems represents whats right with america. Nothing like starting a business from the ground up and seein it through. We live in california and shop at Gold and Gems of course for the tax break but also because Gold and Gems is the real deal. They carry an array of inventory from Eccentric, exotic to standard and unique. See them if you like to get what you want rather than whats available to the masses. They are eager to make you happy and stand behind their product. If I had a million to spend Id go their first theyd sureley find the vehicle that expresses your desire.

Val & Cam


Hi, Ron and Jennifer--

As promised, here is the kudos/or recommendation for the high level of service provided by you both as representatives of G&G.

"Even if you know what you want, not every jeweler can/or will help you attain it. Ron Hansen and the G&G Crew are exceptional at making things possible. Their prices, payment terms, and easy-going nature make your jewelry-dreams attainable. In our troubled economy, many people have written off being able to afford jewelry at all--so finding a company with an accommodating payment policy makes all the difference!

I knew exactly what I wanted and Ron & Jenn made it happen. What more can a client hope for?"



Made my purchase over the web/phone (3 states away) and was a bit nervous, but Ron assured me everything would be perfect and not to worry. I researched his company up and down and never found anything negative. Ron answered every question I had and made me feel at ease about everything. Made the purchase and crossed my fingers. Well when the ring showed up it was incredible!!! Diamond was perfect and it matched the ring better than I expected. My girlfriend loved it and was speachless. It was a little big and we need to have it resized but she refuses to take it off, as she doesn't want to be without it for a single second. Tons of compliments on the ring and I would recommend Gold & Gems to anyone. Matched prices I found elsewhere and was more than happy to work with me in every way possible. Truly the best shopping experience ever on jewelry. Palladium is absolutely brilliant - much nicer than white gold and the price kills platinum. If you thinking about white gold check out the Palladium and you wont be disappointed.

Thanks Gold & Gems and Ron

Craig B.



Gold and Gems' true Gem is Ron Hansen himself. Not only is his Jewelry of the finest Quality, but his desire to satisfy a customer is impeccable. As a returning customer each experience has been better than the one before. Thanks Ron

Les G.


What a wonderful buying experience! I worked with Ron Hansen to create a beautiful engagement ring that was exactly what my girlfriend (now fiancee) was looking for. Ron and staff were more than helpful through the entrie transaction, and an absolute pleasure to deal with! The ring required some custom modifications, and turned out beatifully! No matter what your Jewelry needs may be, I recommend Gold & Gems in Ashland!

Dustin Poland


I bought a Gabriel & Co. wedding band from here and couldn't be happier! Ron and staff were great with answering all my questions and letting me know when my purchase would be ready to ship. I was so fortunate to have found their website since I really wanted my wedding band to match my engagement ring. I got my purchase for a great price and it was also on sale! Thank you Gold & Gems! :)



I ordered the wrong size wedding band for my fiance. I nervously emailed Ron asking if I could exchange it for a smaller size. He replied quickly and was MORE than accommodating. I wish all of my wedding related tasks were this easy. Thanks again Ron and staff, in us, you have customers for life.

Sara And Mike


I have known and done business with Ron and his family for more than 20 years. They operate with the utmost integrity and continue service to their clients well beyond what you would expect and well beyond the "call of duty"; I trust them explicitly. I recently had to have a ring sized that was challenging because of its design but I knew that if it could be done, Ron was the one to call. When my ring was finished, I was astounded at how beautifully the work was done--you would never know it had been sized because of its level of perfection. I now live in another state and I still won't shop anywhere else but Gold and Gems. And I cannot say enough about the quality of his jewelry; unbeatable. If you want a beautiful, timeless piece backed by stellar integrity, Ron is the one to call.

Kelley Christopher


I got the band and it's beautiful. Thank you for sending that and your good customer service and prices.

Greg Cline