By now, we all know about the 4 C’s of quality diamond shopping. I like to add the "5th C" as well - Confidence.

This is one of the most important purchases you will make. Make it with the confidence that the Gold & Gems Family provides.

There are many factors that go into buying this special fine jewelry piece. Cost is important, yet we can often lose focus on the long term benefits that a trustworthy jeweler provides.

Will the ring arrive on time? Are the prongs solid? Will my diamond be set level? Will the platinum beaded prongs align with perfectly symmetry? Will there be noticeable flaws in my diamonds? Am I getting a knockoff design? Are there fine-print tricks and gimmicks I will learn about later? Is my gem actually natural? Will they stand by their warranties?

Rest assured in knowing that we are not in the jewelry business to just sell you jewelry, pushing profitable financing ploys for cut rate jewelry. We are one of the rare jewelry businesses that are actual jewelers that provide or make your jewelry…your personal treasures…your eventual heirlooms with the quality, service, honesty and integrity that you deserve.

Experience the difference today!

Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry