Gold and Gems Extended Warranty:

As part of our Quality Assurance to our customers, Gold & Gems automatically includes a one-year extension to the Manufacturer's Warranty on every product we sell.

Below is the list of the individual brand Warranties, as stated by them.

ArtCarved Warranty

All ArtCarved rings are warranted against any imperfections in manufacturing, design and workmanship. ArtCarved rings are handcrafted to exacting quality standards to ensure every ring is a "work of art".

ArtCarved Bridal's Forever Fit Warranty

ArtCarved wedding bands are sold with a FOREVER FIT warranty. If your ring finger size ever changes, ArtCarved will re-size or replace your wedding ring forever for a shipping and handling fee.

Precious Metal Content

All ArtCarved rings are guaranteed to contain the specific precious metal content that is hallmarked inside the ring. Each ring also bears the ArtCarved logo assuring you of quality and master-craftsmanship.

Diamond Grading

ALL diamonds used in ArtCarved diamond rings are graded and matched.

Triton Jewelry Warranty

Guaranteed Excellence

Your Triton jewelry, designed and crafted to exacting quality standards is warranted against imperfection in design, materials or workmanship. Any jewelry not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced. To request a warranty repair, your Triton jewelry and proof of purchase must be taken to an authorized Triton jeweler in order for this warranty to be valid. You can find a local authorized Triton jeweler by using the store locator on their website or Contact Us, here at Gold and Gems. Any jewelry with a confirmed warranted defect will be repaired or replaced by one of identical or similar style for a shipping and handling fee. If any party other than Triton has worked on your Triton jewelry, the warranty is null and void. Warranty does not cover normal wear. Triton may substitute a similar style for discontinued styles. Triton is not responsible for sentimental value of the original jewelry.

Triton Jewelry's Forever Fit Warranty

All Triton rings are warranted against imperfection in design, materials or workmanship and are also covered by our FOREVER Fit warranty, which includes a lifetime ring size exchange. If your ring finger size ever changes, Triton will resize or replace your ring for as long as you own it for a shipping and handling fee.Certain metals, such as Tungsten carbide, will be size exchanged as they cannot be resized due to their extreme hardness. To request a resize or size exchange, your Triton ring and proof of purchase must be taken to an authorized Triton jeweler in order for this warranty to be valid.

Toby Pomeroy Warranty

Toby Pomeroy's warranty guarantees the quality of the materials and workmanship for the lifetime of our products. If you encounter a defect, please return the jewelry to us or the retailer where you purchased the dealer. We gladly will repair or replace your jewelry free of charge.

In terms of proper care:

Please note that because chlorine and bromine will penetrate gold and silver, causing permanent damage, you should remove any TOBY POMEROY jewelry before entering swimming pools or hot tubs.

The warranty does not cover damage from those chemical substances.

Blackened silver TOBY POMEROY jewelry needs special care when cleaning. Because the black color comes from a special form of oxidation, harsh tarnish removers should not be used. Instead, lightly clean your jewelry in warm, soapy water, or take it to your jeweler for ultrasonic cleaning.

If your jewelry is a combination of bright and blackened silver, you can use your TOBY POMEROY polishing cloth, concentrating only on the bright-finish components, and not the blackened areas.

Please use care because most polishing cloths are impregnated with a polishing compound specifically designed to remove oxidation!!

Benchmark Lifetime Guarantee

You will receive your Lifetime Guarantee card with the purchase of any Benchmark ring to register for a variety of lifetime services ranging from resizing to refinishing.

As long as your ring is registered in accordance with the lifetime guarantee and within 30 days of your purchase date it is covered for lifetime resizing and refinishing.

The guarantee card does state that fees may apply and that postage is the consumer/retailer’s responsibility. Also if you are sizing up you will potentially be charged for any additional metal costs. Any other fees may apply, please be sure to contact us for any details.

Benchmark does not work directly with consumers. All returns or service work under the warranty must go through an authorized Benchmark retailer.

The lifetime guarantee does not cover lost or stolen rings.

If the retailer pre-registered for you, be sure to call that retailer first to see if they have record of your registration. If they cannot help you then call Benchmark customer service for assistance.

All Benchmark rings must be owned and worn for at least 60 days before they are eligible to be returned for service work under the guarantee. The lifetime guarantee does not cover incorrectly ordered finger sizes.

Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds U.K. is extremely diligent in ensuring that our products meet the high quality standards that our customers have come to expect from us. We have every confidence in the continued high quality of their jewelery.

All Hot Diamonds jewelery have a two (2) year guarantee from the date of delivery, as per the delivery receipt, against any manufacturing failure. Should your piece of jewelery require service during the warranty period it will be repaired or replaced with a comparable product free of charge. Some exemptions may apply, see manufacture's site for details.

This warranty does not apply to any defect in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, willful or accidental damage, negligence by you or any third party, use otherwise than as recommended by the supplier, failure to follow the supplier’s instructions, or any alteration or repair carried out without the supplier’s approval.

If you have a quality issue with your Hot Diamonds product, you can contact us or Hot Diamonds helpful customer services team: (800)023-4481 (Monday to Friday – 9AM to 5PM).