"If you can dream it I can make it for you, perfectly and affordably!" -Ron

Have a Specific Ring You Want?: Just send me a photo and I'll quote building it for you. It's easy, very affordable...and you end up with your "Forever Dream Ring". Simply send in your request here. For inspiration, see my jewelry on Instagram - complete with videos and happy clients.



At Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry, we have been creating fine, customized jewelry for well over 30 years. Since jewelry is a personal expression of one's tastes, it is sometimes necessary to create a piece from scratch to best achieve the desired vision of our clients.

Headed by world renowned jewelry designer Ron Hansen, Gold & Gems employs highly skilled designers, model carvers, gold and platinum smiths, stone setters, gemologists, appraisers and are very proud that we work on your jewelry on premises right here in our historic Ashland Oregon store.

We have created countless wonderful pieces for clients ranging from simply quality-minded people to celebrities and have been featured in an international publication. Our goal is to simply listen carefully to your requests, add input for design and technical application, and deliver a piece that far exceeds your expectations.

Let's Make Your Vision into a Reality!

Call for a concept consultation at

We will be more than happy to discuss your design ideas, gem options and overall plan of creating your masterpiece! Our design team will further review the scope of the project and follow with a price quote before any work begins. Once your details are finalized and you give final approval, your dream piece is 3-4 week away from arriving at your doorstep.

Guarantee And Quality Assurance

100% success rate

100% success rate

We are proud of our 100% success rate. Our success is built on the premise that we actually want our clients to be ecstatic about their jewelry! This is a concept that has been slowly lost by the innovation of, well, lets just say "less than fine jewelry".

Contact us today and experience the very best in custom jewelry creation.

"The one-of-a-kind pieces that I design turn out to be extra special to our clients. It's a piece of fine jewelry that a person can be proud to know it's the only piece like it in the world." - Ron

The Easy Design Process

Here’s an example of how easy it is:


of your dream ring
with a form above


includes a custom
design render and video sent to you promptly


Email back and forth until all details are perfect


We will send you an invoice for full payment or 1/2 deposit.


Wait 3-6 weeks for you exciting masterpiece to arrive!

One of Our Finished Custom Designs

Nest of Diamonds

After many hours of tedious jewel-artistry, VOILA'! The finished product. The featured ring is one of Ron's "Nest of Diamonds" engagement rings. Available in most shapes and sizes of center gems.