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UltraFire™ Lab-Grown Diamonds are 100% Real Diamonds. Search our limited production of Super-Ideal Cut Man-Made Diamonds. Bigger, Brighter and cost up to 70% less than comparable mined diamonds. UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds; The Ideal Forever.

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UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are the same as real diamonds, only made above-ground in a laboratory. Ideal-cut by hand, UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are as clean & beautiful as you'll see anywhere. Earth-friendly, non-conflict and gorgeous. And as a bonus, they cost a fraction of the cost of comparable natural, mined diamonds...Up to 70% less!!

Gold And Gems fine jewelry proudly brings you the ultimate in lab-made diamonds; UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds.

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UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are priced at up to 70% less than comparable mined diamonds, UltraFire Diamonds are 100% diamond, no 'grey area'. Clean, icy carbon EXACTLY the same as the diamonds mined from the Earth.
UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are doubly-certified, reported, and come with an UltraFire Diamond report and an accredited laboratory report from GIA, IGI or GCAL labs.
UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamond purchases are automatically registered into the UltraFire™ database with their unique certification identification for proof of purchase, warranty & peace of mind assurance.
UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are made with state of the art diamond growth technologies and are hand-cut to perform with maximize the level of brilliance.
Exclusively Super-Ideal Cut. Every UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamond is hand-cut to Ideal and Excellent certified cut grade proportions for maximum sparkle, light return, dispersion and performance.
UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are laser inscribed for authenticity and security identification.
UltraFire™ Lab Grown Diamonds are produced in limited quantities. Special order diamonds are available.

Stop in, call or email to discover the evolution and future of diamonds...the diamond industry has officially changed for the better!

*NOTE: We acknowledge a wide variety of opinions when it comes to diamond origin and process. Many people still chose natural mined fine diamonds while others embrace the new technological diamond options, gems and hybrids. Gold & Gems doesn't make a stance favoring any one option over another. We simply make all of the finest options available, educate our customers...and let you make right decision for your forever stone. Any diamond option you chose from Gold&Gems will be of the higher grade and material than the big box stores assuring you the best value for your most special jewelry.

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For the first time in history, you have many diamond choices! We now provide quality eco-friendly lab-made diamonds and hybrids as well as our fine, natural diamonds.
Come in and see the existing new options available to meet your diamond desires.

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