By request, Ron Hansen’s custom rings can hold a very special, hidden treasure; The Hansen Signature Sapphire, flush-set on the inside of your ring, forever contacting your finger.

Fine Blue Sapphire is historically known as the stone of Love, Faith, Commitment and Fidelity.

The natural, fine Blue Sapphire is also known to encourage opening of the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

Sapphire: The Gem of Hope and Faith. Dating back to the ancient world, the Blue Sapphire is widely considered to be the most powerful of all gems. The holy Blue Sapphire is timeless and cherished by nearly every religion.

  • Christians set the Blue Sapphire in ecclesiastical rings and decorated their noble leaders and kings with this gemstone to better provide insight, and protection.
  • Greeks used this precious gem at Delphi for wisdom and answers.
  • Buddhists found a profound spiritual enlightenment and devotion in this magnificent stone.
  • In-Temple offerings of Sapphire were given proudly by Hindus.
  • In storied Hebrew tradition, Abraham and King Solomon donned Sapphire talismans.
  • The Law received by Moses on the Mount was said to be etched on tablets of Sapphire.

“Pure, natural, elite grade Blue Sapphire was an obvious choice for me. Beyond it’s astonishing beauty, it provides and supports the powerful meaning behind my creations. I hope my ring helps to strengthen the love, joy, strength and peace within you. I only invest in the very best, purest, rare, natural, deep, rich beautiful blue Sapphires I can get my hands on for your ring."

Simply request this added Sapphire when you order your custom ring and I will add one for you :)

With love and appreciation,

Ron Hansen, GG Jewelry Designer / Owner