DIAMELIA® Blazing Arrows™ Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant Cut Lab-Grown Premium Moissanite (SiC)

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The World's Most Diamond-Like Gem™

Our most popular cut grown premium Moissanite diamond creation, the DIAMELIA™ Ideal Blazing Arrows Cut H&A Round Brilliant will uphold its glorious reputation, for life. DIAMELIA™ Gems are the most beautiful and lasting diamond alternative in the world and we guaranty it. Beyond their sparkling beauty, each gem features a Tough Edge Faceted Girdle™ and our exclusive Peace of Mind™ Lifetime Warranty.  The ultimate symbol of love and commitment, the DIAMELIA™ Blazing Arrows™ Cut presents the most beautiful round diamond-like gem in the world.

Like the other premium grade moissanite "Gem" brands, DIAMELIA™ is premium grade Silicon Carbide (SiC), yet their are multiple advantages to owning DIAMELIA™ Gems.  Our Blazing Arrows™ Ideal Cut has a perfect pattern of 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows, yet our arrows do not show through the gem as fat, un-diamondlike arrows. Customers proclaim that DIAMELIA™ truly is the most diamond-like moissanite world-wide. 
The main complaint about the mass production Moissanite companies is the fact that their stones possess an un-diamond like "Disco Ball" effect and also the Arrow patterns are too fat, again unlike diamonds. They're too colorful and doesn't look like natural, fine diamonds.

Actually more exciting than a diamond, the DIAMELIA is more dispersive and brilliant. Plus it's eco-friendly and your purchase helps to aid recovery for the good people of Rwanda, and beyond.

See for yourself why people are raving about DIAMELIA™, calling it the most diamond-like moissanite in the world. Order your DIAMELIA™ Gem and Custom Ring today!

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Wear a DIAMELIA, not a diamond...it only makes sense for smart budgets, and for the world we live in.

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