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Fit for royalty, the DIAMELIA™ Ideal Princess Cut is truly stunning. As always, our durable Tough-Edge™ Girdle (edge) ensures your DIAMELIA™ Ideal Princess Cut will retain its beauty for life...and we guaranty it. Certificate card included for warranty and authenticity assurance.

Our DIAMELIA™ Ideal Princess Cut is the most beautiful and lasting diamond alternative in the world and we guaranty it. Beyond its sparkling beauty, this cut features our Tough Edge Girdle™ and our exclusive Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty™. (DEW = Diamond Equivalent Weight). The ultimate symbol of love and commitment, the DIAMELIA™ Ideal Princess Cut presents a timeless style. The DIAMELIA™ is the most beautiful and lasting diamond alternative in the world ...and we guarantee it.

Like the other premium grade moissanite "Gem" brands, DIAMELIA™ is premium grade Silicon Carbide (SiC), yet their are multiple advantages to the DIAMELIA™ Gems. Our Blazing Arrows™ Ideal Cut has a perfect pattern of 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows, yet our arrows do not show through the gem as chunky, un-diamondlike arrows. DIAMELIA™ truly presents the most diamond-like moissanite available. 
The big complaint about the well known Moissanite companies is the fact that their stones possess an un-diamond like "Disco'Ball" effect. It's too colorful and does not look like natural, fine diamond. See the difference for yourself and order a DIAMELIA™ Gem today.

Actually more exciting than a diamond, the DIAMELIA is more dispersive and brilliant. They're eco-friendly and your purchase also helps us to aid recovery for the good people of Rwanda, and beyond.

See for yourself why people are raving about DIAMELIA™, calling it the most diamond-like alternative in the world. Order your DIAMELIA™ Gem today!

Wear a DIAMELIA, not a mined diamond...it only makes sense for you...and the world we live in.

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